Adding URL to Mixitup filter results

I have a portfolio site and I used this tutorial to add a dynamic filtering to my portfolio without CMS using Mixitup Javascript library (the first part of the tutorial). So basically I have home page with project where I want to add filters such as illustration, branding etc. I managed to set up the filters but I would need the filter result (e.g. illustration) to show a custom URL that I could copy and send to a potential client, who could this way land on my home page seeing only the illustration projects. I’ve tried to google this the whole day but unfortunately I couldn’t follow the more complicated threads on Mixitup as my coding skills are nonexistent. Could anyone help please? Thank you so much!

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Hi Sofia,

Mixitup is great but requires a bit of creativity for more complex filtering, particularly with CMS-generated filter buttons.

It does not offer any in-built querystring based filtering, so you’d need to build that custom. Feel free to PM me with links and details if you are looking to hire a dev to help with that.

I believe Finsweet’s CMS filter does have some querystring support for filter settings, so you may look at that as well.