Adding TXT record for SSL Hosting


I am looking to add a TXT record in my DNS settings so that my domain recognizes the SSL/TLS hosting.

I am looking to complete step 6 listed in this support article: Manually connect a custom domain - Webflow University Documentation

Specifically it says: 1. Create a TXT record with the hostname _webflow and the value shown in Site settings beginning with “one-time-verification=” (e.g., “one-time-verification=01ab2345-cd67e-89f0-11gh-12i13456j789k”)

When I go into site settings I can not find the “one time verification=” information on the page.

Not sure if I am looking in the wrong spot (don’t think that is the case), or if I am doing something wrong.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Should be listed with your other records to create in the DNS.
The TXT might not show if you currently have SSL switched off on your site.