Adding Return to Top feature to CMS pagination button

Hello Friends!

I have added a finsweet attribute that allows for same-page pagination (the webpage doesn’t refresh when switching between pages in the CMS). This attribute is crucial for my design, and cannot be swapped out.

My ONLY problem with it is because it doesn’t refresh, it doesn’t return to the top of the page. (scroll to the bottom of page 1, click next, now you’re at the bottom of page 2)

Is there any way for me to have the next and previous pagination buttons trigger a return to top function? I figure this would be using the in-page linking that you can do with the button element, but I cannot add this feature directly to the pagination buttons. Any advice?

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Hi @bclow,

If you go to CMS Load more for Webflow - No-code using Attributes and scroll down to ‘Advanced Pagination Features’ then open up the ‘Scroll Anchor’ dropdown, this should be what you’re looking for!

omfg I’m an idiot, you’re my hero <3