Adding previous page/next page pagination buttons to CMS template page (each button being the name of the previous/next article)

How can I add previous page/next page pagination buttons to a CMS template page? I’d like each button text to be the name of the previous/next article (for accessibility purposes).

I use the CMS for the blog on this site:

Here is my public share link:

Thank you!

This isn’t something that can be done natively at the moment without a bit of custom code, however there’s a thread from a couple years ago that covers setting this up—I’d recommend you take a peek to see if it’ll work in your case:

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I’ll put that on hold for now (extensive code terrifies me as the moment), but now I have instructions to follow! Thank you again!

It’s likely the most code I’ve used on a Webflow site. And at that, it’s not very difficult to implement. Describing how to do it is the hardest part, really.

Essentially adding in a collection list of your CMS items (then hiding that with Style panel), then getting the article next to and previous to the one you’re on currently, getting their URLs, titles, then spitting them into the page.

The community is great here. Best of luck on your project. Glad to see it’s a project that helps people. Cheers, @ktdid!

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I am going to be looking into this for a project. Haven’t tried it yet:

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That doesn’t sound too tough. I think I’ll give it whirl once the rest of the site is in good shape. Thanks for sharing!

And, doing work that helps people is for sure my fave!