Adding multiple items to a multi-reference field on a 3rd party automation platform

I am using a 3rd party service called Make (formerly Integromat) to create a CMS record for each order I receive on my storefront. I have a collection named “Catalogs”, and within the Order CMS collection there is a multi-reference field named “Ordered Items”. When I set up a scenerio in the Make platform, I’m telling it to perform the following:

  1. Detect a new order
  2. Create a new cms item in webflow and input the order details into that new item
  3. Input the Item ID#s for each item that was ordered into the “Ordered Items” field

I can’t figure out how to input more than 1 item id into a multi-reference field when I’m using a service like Make. I’ve tried to insert the entire ARRAY but it returns an error because Webflow is expecting an Item ID, not an array.

Here is my public share link:
[Webflow - UpLink (Beta)](Read-only Link)

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I have this exact same problem! Would really appreciate som help from a Genius out there