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Adding macron to text letters affects styling

Hi there,

This site requires a macron over the E in the name Ēkara. Adding it to the text is ok but the styling gets mucked around with a bit; have had to add a span/class to the letter to control it as much as I can but I still can’t get it to look exactly the same as the rest of the text. You can see this in the footer, compare the E in Ēkara to the E in Electrical.

Is there a reason for this? Or a way of getting it to look the same as the rest of the text it’s with?

Further testing, I think there may be a size issue at play too, as seen on this test


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I think that’s just the problem of a used font. Try choosing different fonts on the text containing the “Ē” and notice that some render it perfectly while others slightly weird (or plain don’t have the glyph, rendering default font).

Yeah, I think you’re right Dram.


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