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Adding google Adsense on site

Hi Guys

I am having issues adding google adsense to my site.
I noticed many posts on the forum for years ago but no one ever answered or replied.
Can i please have some advice on how I could possibly add to my chosen pages.

Many thanks

Hi @Grant1

Are you adding your adsense code using the embed component?

Hi Pixelgeek,
I sure am but no joy so far.

Hi everybody
I am using a free version of Webflow. If now I upgrade to CMS package. Can I place Google Adsense ad code on the webflow?

Hi @Phong_Kham_Kinh_Do welcome to the community! :smiley:

You cannot add custom code snippets, like Google Adsense, to your Webflow project until you either upgrade your account plan or add a site plan to your project.

Hope this helps

I’m looking to solve this Adsense problem as well, I do have an upgraded plan. What steps would I need to take?

Hi @oren - You just need to paste the Google adsense code in the before body custom code area.

Hi @webdev, still no luck here. I’ve created a new test page and pasted the adsense code in the before body tag in the page settings.

Example code of what’s pasted:

Do I need to add anything else? What else am I missing?

Read only link here:

Here is a clue;

message: "adsbygoogle.push() error: Only one AdSense head tag supported per page. The second tag is ignored."
name: "TagError"

Ok I now only have the code in the before body tag in the page settings, but not seeing anything on the page.

Even so, I still have questions as to how the custom code is supposed to work here. Where would the ad even appear on the page? Am I supposed to add in a styled div block somewhere on the canvas?

I am trying to implement adsense on my account also and it is not showing on the published site. I am using the HTML embed element.