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Adding font from properly

Does anybody can share a tutorial how to add fonts properly purchased from MyFonts.Com?

Got a generic instruction from them how to add Font to a custom website and wondering if anybody did this before and so can share his experience of adding those pieces of CSS and License into website and working with uploading fonts in the Designer.

Okay I’ve managed this myself but unsure if it is the most correct way to do this so if anybody could provide a best solution I am open for ideas.

So far I made the following:

  1. uploaded all the fonts I’ve got from into Fonts folder.
  2. changed the names of the Fonts provided to the HumanUnderstandable Font names.
  3. selected font weights
  4. added the provided CSS code from myfonts into Custom Code tab -> Head Code section into the

< style>

< /style>

NOTE: need to remove spaces in these lines < style> and < /style> to make this code work

  1. @font-face {font-family: ‘MyFontName’;src: url
    In this line of CSS I changed the original name to the name I used in step2.
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