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Adding event calendars to your site

Hi guys, just sharing a quick tip with you all:

If you guys are building websites that have events, calendars, etc, there’s now a really slick way to add your events to your users’ calendars.

Just ran across this feature on a Webflow site for a VC’s AMA: The “Subscribe to Calendar” link goes to a really neat service called AddEvent

Clicking on that link goes to: where one can add the event calendar to various online calendars.


Great tip! Thanks @brryant hopefully this will come in handy in the future!

Was literally thinking about adding this to one of our pages:
Checking on all the capabilities but can see it really helping to drive conversions/keep our calendar top of mind for our guests. :slight_smile: thanks @brryant :smiley:

I just saw the integration of how webflow used this for their Webinar Events.
Super implementation!

  • Scott

Will this be possible to combine with CMS in the future? So we can add the code to an cms event. And in the event info the client can add the date, info and so on…

You can actually do that right now by creating the button and then taking the code and embedding it using a dynamic CMS block. All you would need to do is create a new button, copy and paste the code for the button into an embed block that is dynamic inside of the cms.

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