Adding CMS item to a form

Hi everyone,

I have a form with different fields on a Job posting CMS page, and I want to add some details of the job when submitting the form.

Currently, the user only sends the usual information (name, email, details) and this is what I receive on my email. But I do not know specifically on which job page he was applying.

Thank you!

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Hi vizio - welcome to :webflow_heart:

Watch this clip from Ran Segal - hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@shokoaviv 's answer already covers the standard approach well, which is to use an HTML Embed in your form with hidden fields. That’s the best approach for most forms.

Note, however, that this approach is incompatible with Logic, which doesn’t recognize hidden fields in Form bindings. If you want to bind that form to Logic, you can add your Input fields manually as Webflow elements, and then hide them. You’d then set the value of those fields using script.

It’s not pretty, but it works.

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what is a difference from @shokoaviv solution? To me it is exactly you wrote. I’m missing point. :thinking:

Hey Stan,

I already had the reply window open and didn’t see Moshe’s answer until after I’d posted. But also, it’s important to know that the original technique is not Logic-compatible. I’ll update my answer to make that clearer. Cheers.

oh, I see answer posted time and it make sense now. :grin:

Yep :wink: I have a bad habit of having 20 reply windows open at a time with half-written answers while I’m working. I may need to hit refresh more often.


great Video.

Does anyone if the Zapier integration in the end is necessary? Or can I do it with Logic?