Adding Background Video Loop

Hi WForum -

I want to add a background video loop (.mp4) in a Div Block on a page. If I use the video module from the “Add Elements” it seeks a html video link (Vimeo/YTube).

I can’t seem to find anything that allows me to drop in a MP4 file on the page.

Thoughts/Insights pls…


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@mickb have you tried using our Background Video element? :smiley:

BINGO!! And very nice indeed… M

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Question following my initial Q - How do I make the video loop over? Is there a setting for this?


Hi All -

(1) Does the Background Video work on mobile landscape and portrait? I’m having a hard time trying to get it work. It shows a blank dark grey box with a camera icon but nothing in Preview mode.

(2) Any way I can loop the background videos?

Hope to get help soon!


Hey @mickb

Background video does not work in mobile/tablet. This is not a webflow thing. It’s an entire internet thing. The background video should loop automatically.

I find the background videos work well on an Ipad air 2, (Portrait and landscape views) .



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