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Hi WF - Need help pls…

(1) My background video won’t display on Mobile Landscape or Portrait mode. Works just fine in Desktop and IPad mode.

(2) Anyway I can make the videos loop over again and again?

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Mobile devices won’t play videos in background, nor autoplay them. there are exception, recent support in Safari mobile on iOS10, but that’s very specific and hard to support.

It’s a technical limitation and there’s little to do against that.

What do you mean? When a bg video works, it normally loops by default. Are you using custom code or the bg video widget?

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Tnx Vincent!

First Q - I had my suspicions about mobile/video play. Thanks for confirming. Do you know if this item is marked in WF’s wishlist?

Second Q - I’m not using any custom code or widget. Just the WF Background Video element. Drag’n’drop.

Another Q if you don’t mind:
How can I allow my visitors to download a PDF file from our site?


It is by no means a Webflow thing. This is a decision from OS and device makers. Google, Apple. Allowing video to autoplay on devices would a e user nightmare potentially. Also, video bg are too demanding in terms of power.

So the video should loop… it doesn’t?

By hosting the PDF anywhere else, on a server or dropbox, and using the link on your site. you can’t at the moment have a personal CDN attached to your site on Webflow.

OK. Thanks for clarifying all Q’s.
Case Closed :slight_smile:


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