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Adding a Layer on Top of Your Web Page

I already have a web site made in webflow and want to add a lightbox that is centered and above everything else on my main page. I try adding a section or container and it says I can’t nest. It says to use a div block instead. So I drag a div block onto the screen, give it a class name and then try aligning the div block to the center and it pushes everything on my main page down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It just seems so hard in webflow to drag and drop stuff onto the stage and easily move things to where you want them to be without messing what you already have set up. Gets a little frustrating.

Can you share your public link so someone can take a look and try and help?

Hi Jonathan
Unfortunately, your read-only link is disabled.

I can assume, that your div has AUTO or RELATIVE position property. For make positioning, which will not effect other elements positions you need to use FIXED position property

Sorry it was disabled. I tried looking for the AUTO or RELATIVE position property and it is not showing up for the div. Here is my shared link again:


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Looks easy enough to do.

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Yes, it is. Good luck, I believe you can do this :wink:

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