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Adding a facebook button to each page

@cyberdave and @callmevlad I took a look at and I realized you managed to enable sharing scecific pages on facebook like in here

In every blog post (let´s call it a page) you have a button to share the article on facebook.

Can you explain how you did that?

The website I´m designing is this one

What I´m trying to accomplish is to add a facebook button on each page where there is a news story, and when people click on it they can automatically share that page content on their facebook timeline.

We are a Portuguese non-profit, promoting entrepreneurship amongst university students in Portugal, and betUP will be the first online news platform in Portugal entirely dedicated to entrepreneurship, and enabling people to share our news on their facebook page will be crucial for the success of betUP

Can you help?

Thanks a lot

You can generate a lot of code from Facebook to add to your webpages (for instance on Webflow you’re going to use the HTML widget).

Start here for your share button:

Hey @vincent thanks for the answer.

I´m afraid this doesn´t solve my issue though.

The problem is that I can´t do that. I did as you ask:

The problem is that if you open the page and go to the bottom of it where you have the “share button”, when you click on it you are sharing only “” (the home page) and not that page.

Can you explain how you solved this issue in with the share button in Webflow´s blog?