Adding 20 slides to my slider

Hi hi,
Can someone please help me add more slides to my slider without making the mask increase in size. If you check out my link below, (in my collection template for Live Sketching Projects) after I add slide 8, then adding slide 9 makes the whole mask grow in size. I would like to keep the exact size of my slider and have about 20 slides in it.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Great post Katie, I’m in the exact same situation right now with my case studies. I’d love a workaround for this.

If I figure anything out, I will definitely let you know!

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Hi @Katie_Hibbard1 @Rhinoceros

You can achieve this by setting a width (or max width) on your slider parent:

This will make sure it fits the C1 column - hope this helps! :smiley:

@Brando I gave this a go on my own website but had no luck. Do I need to have an additional Div Wrapper Parent holding my slider in order for this to work? In my case it’s an issue with the height changing based on the largest images, not scaling when I change slides to a smaller image.

Hi @Rhinoceros, that definitely sounds tricky. And yes having a parent element with dimensions is useful in this sort of design, but I’m happy to take a closer look.

Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

out of topic. In what software you create the screen-record? Thanks

Heyo @Siton_Systems. We use CloudApp — it’s great :slight_smile:

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