Add youtube thumbnail to collection via Zapier


I’m building a video wall on my “Watch” page and I want to automatically add new videos to my “Videos” collection. Via Zapier I’m able to successfully add video link, embed link, title description etc…everything apart from the thumbnail. When I try to link thumbnail url from youtube to my Thumbnail image in collection I receive an error, probably because Webflow waits for the actual image to be uploaded , not the link.

Webflow’s API still doesnt support image upload?

Is there any workaround?

For now I figured that I can embed html image link and add my thumbnail link to a to the collection and change the link dynamically , but then it becomes hard to keep the aspect ratio and avoid black background over the images…

Any ideas?


I’ve figured with scaling the thumbnail image but now there is another problem - I can’t place my html embed inside a link block…

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)


Upload image elsewhere and enter the image URL into a text field instead.

Then the link has to be inside the embed code block.

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The idea is automation, therefore uploading image elsewhere is not the case

The idea is that the clicking upon an image a current video page is opened. I can’t set a href to Current collection item in embed…

oh actually I can use a slug. Cool thanks!

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