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Add to Home Screen (A2HS) button?

Is it possible to add a button or prompt to ask users to add my site (as a short cut) to their home screen?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Sam!

I did some digging and found this article from the MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) that shows how to make your site A2HS-ready.

Basically, it looks like you just need to create the web-manifest that it is talking about. Then, you would need to upload/host the file to the web. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Webflow currently supports the “.webmanifest” file extension. So you wouldn’t be able to host it directly on your site. However, I think you could just as easily host it on a external CDN such as AWS or CloudFlare. At that point, you would just need to insert a HTML embed on your site and use the code referenced on the MDN to link to the manifest file.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually tried this myself, but I think that it should work in theory. Please let me know if you have any issues, and I would be happy to help you troubleshoot! :smiley:

Alternatively, you could always just create your own A2HS callout or button, which would then just direct users to a page or trigger a pop-up that gives instructions on how to add it to the home-screen manually.