Add shadow on 3 sides of a div, with no shadow on the 4th side

I am trying to replicate the top nav in another site, and the dropdown menus have shadow on the left, right, and bottom but not the top. The CSS code for the shadow from the site I am replicating is - box-shadow: 0 3px 24px 0 #444. In webflow, I added a drop shadow to my dropdown class with color #444, angle 180, distance 3px, blur 24px, and size 0. Can anyone help me figure out how to get rid of the shadow at the top of the div?

Cant access webflow atm but belive you can do that by playing with the angle of the shadow

He @mikala, try to make distance 14px, it will move shadow down enough for hide it from top edge

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Thanks @sabanna! I moved it down to hide the top portion, and adjusted the size to be -7px so it wasn’t too large at the bottom.

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That’s great that you worked it out :blush:

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