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Add Page is Missing

I went to add a new page to the Nav Link and there is not an Add Page icon under “Pages” anymore. Only the Folder icon is present. The two pages it has includes the Style Guide and Home page, but it is a paid account.

Hi @JMMpdx,

You should be able to see a add link on the right side of the, or if you are looking to add a new page is on the top left icon. Attached the screenshots!

Let me know if this helps!

Unfortunately, that icon is not present on my end.

Yes, I believe you reach the limit on the free website.

This is a paid account so that cannot be the case… that’s what I had assumed first.

At any rate, I went to my personal demo account (the unpaid one) where I already added my one page allowance, and even there the page icon was present though when I clicked on it I received the standard “You’ve created all the pages allowed by your free plan. To add more, upgrade your site plan” pop-up.

For whatever reason it is hidden on the paid one.

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