Add email, @Twitter, @Facebook

Hi there. My website has a Contact link in the Navbar that triggers three tiles appearing across the top of any page on the site, for Email, Twitter, and Facebook. I can’t figure out how to actually assign an email address, a Twitter link, and a Facebook link to those tiles. Any ideas?

please provide the share link to your site and we can help you

Whoops. Forgot that!

So in order to edit the links you have to be able to see them.

so temporarily make your Contact symbol display block.
then you can edit the link settings on your contact tile by clicking the gearsign

choose if it’s a url, section, page, email or phone #
and whether you want it to open in its own tab.

then when you are done set your contact symbol back to display none

hope that helps

Of course! (Newbie here.) Got it. Many thanks, Jeremy!

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We all were once. Hope you enjoy using Webflow and ask tons of questions. I know I do. We’ve got a great community.

In that case, and while I have ya, I can’t figure out why the central logo in my nav bar shifts down in Tablet mode. Guessing it’s a space issue, as it doesn’t happen on the Desktop version unless I shrink the browser window smaller. Anything I can do to fix? Thanks again—

Not sure what you mean is it happening on the published site because in the views it isn’t on what I am viewing. Or I don’t understand what you mean by moving down

It looks right on the homepage, but on all other pages, it seems to bump it down. I’m guessing it’s related to that ball that’s behind the navbar items, which involved some trickery…


Your numbers are different on the two menus as far as padding. You had 55px instead of 75px and the NavMenu was different heights.


OK, got it. I think. Many thanks, Jeremy!