Add captcha to submission form using jQuery

Hey guys!
could anyone help me out with this? I would like to insert a captcha in a form submission (to avoid spam)
Captcha jQuery here:
I have checked previously posted messages on the topic and tried to get a basic knowledge on how to handle jQuery… however I can barely start!
First of all I would like to know if it is actually possible to do (without coding too much, it’s not really my cup of tea ;))
Thanks a lot!

Just make some kind of button or action that people have to complete in order to reveal the submit button :slight_smile:
No need to add in additional coding. Let me know if you need help with this. I’ve thought about making a cloneable page with a form like that (with a Webflow only captcha haha). :smiley:



That’s a clever idea @Waldo_Broodryk Could even be a simple reveal via an interaction!

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It would be exactly that @tim :smiley: #WebflowFTW :smiley:

Such a smart and lean solution :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!

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@francikina How did this work out for you? Are you able to add this captcha on a Webflow hosted site?

Hi! I skipped the captcha, and followed Waldo´s suggestion.
Just added an additional button, when clicked it reveals the submit button

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