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Add a line to this image

How an I add a line in between the “what they’re sayin” and the rest of the text?

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I’m assuming a vertical line? Did you try adding a border on the right of the image? Or wrap the image in a div and give that a right border instead then add padding and margin to give the line some space.

Which image are you talking about? I"m thing to get a line in between the three horizontal sections.

Sorry, I assumed “What they’re saying” was an image. The same principle applies though. Add a border to whatever element has “What they’re saying” in it then add the padding-right and margin-right as you see fit.

Thanks so much the line is there now however how can I make the line a bit taller without the entire blue box height taller? I’d just like the line to be about 150px but when I set that manually the entire blue box grows in height.

just add a div inbetween the sections, set the width to, say, 3px and the height to whatever you want it to be. Set the background color of the div to whatever you want the line color to be and you’ve got a line.
I don’t mean to be rude but have you gone through the courses available in the university? They talk about all these things…

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