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Add a delay to hover interaction?

I’m tearing my hair out with what should (hopefully) be a very simple task. I need to add a delay to a dropdown so a user can move their mouse over it without triggering it, in order to get to menu items below. In the screenshot you’ll see that the user is unable to reach ‘Smoke Vents’ without triggering ‘Means of Escape’.

I know its not possible using the standard WF Dropdown so I’ve created the menu using interactions. I can get it to open / close on hover but can’t see a way of adding a delay so they can hover over it quickly without ‘setting it off’, but hovering over for slightly longer sets the interaction off.

Site is here - note the live site is still using the WF default dropdown and not an interaction but gives you an idea of the problem).

Any ideas please?

Here is my public share link:
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Sorry - very hard to understand your issue.

In this site the dropdown works well:

No way to add a trigger delay (Beside custom JS) - or change the trigger from hover to click.

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The problem that he mentions is that when the user goes directly from Fire Safety to Smoke Vents, the ‘means of scape’ dropdown get’s triggered, not allowing the user to go to Smoke Vents. The user can go around, but again that’s not good for User Experience

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But yep, I was going to add an answer to him, saying exactly what you said @Siton_Systems… No way to achieve delays without custom scripts

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Thanks for the replies. After giving this some thought, I’ve decided on another approach, and that is to simply offset the dropdown when it opens to the right or left. Not ideal but the only solution without over complicating this!

Many thanks anyway.