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Accordion menu - good practice for Google / SEO

Hello Webflow community !

As of 9th January 2020, what is the state of play regarding good practice for Google / SEO when using accordion menus?

I am asking this as there seems to be a differing of opinion.

It looks like Google is saying text hidden under accordion menus gets ranked, but some tests are saying the text does not get ranked.

It seems the way in which I build the accordion menu might be having an effect on this.

I am planning to use either display: none or div height: 0px to hide the text.

I think this should be ok!

What are others thoughts??? Is there a better way (for Google/SEO) to hide the text?

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Can’t you build your accordion menu using Webflow dropdowns menu Items?

Here’s a demo:
(and read only link:

And here’s what Google is going to see and index (i.e. all the links):


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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the speedy reply / help!

Thanks for the Lynx tip. Really helpful.

I didn´t think to go down the Webflow dropdown widget route, as I had planned to do some interactions with the menu.

But I am going to think about this again.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Such a great help as always!