Accordion / Margin Problems?


Currently working on a site, linked here: Webflow - benwarped

I added an accordion section, and then a section after it, and the section after it (named “whyisthishere” with a div block inside it) and for some reason when I open an accordion item, the section disappears?

And in general, sometimes I add bottom margins to items and they don’t begin pushing down the item below it until it is +100 pixels, which doesn’t make any sense to me. (Namely, the “discoverysection”…) It is currently set to margin top 160px, but it seems to push up into the section before it 80 pixels, and 80px in its own?

And help cleaning this up, and suggestions on how to make it better would be valued.


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Issue is there because you’ve set 100vh height on discoversection and then again you’ve 60vh height on it’s parent (Div Block 19)

Div Block 19 is parent for both discoversection and whyisthishere. But why do you need to set a specific height in here? I don’t see any use in here.

Remove height and check for once.

Ohh thanks so much! It seemed to do the trick! Appreciated! :ok_hand:

Great, if your issue is resolved and if you do not have more questions. Please mark this topic as done.

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