Accordion open-close interaction is not smooth

Having trouble with the accordion interactions. I followed the tutorial and I’ve done these a few other times before, but for some reason this time the animation is not smooth. I tried different easing settings.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - SimpleRose

Click on “We’re Hiring” or the “Careers” page. The accordion is there.

Thanks for help!

HI @MarkBult, thanks for the good question.

I would try setting your accordion content div to have an overflow of hidden:

I hope this helps.

Hey Dave that does help a bit. But it still seems pretty choppy to me. Any ideas why?

Hi @MarkBult I played a little bit with your project and the problem is because you are using “hide/show” in your interactions, delete that and just use “size” for all your interactions, exactly as the tutorial.

If I do that, then the interaction doesn’t do anything except change the open/close arrow, the content block doesn’t resize. When I added height=100% to the open interaction, same thing — doesn’t open.

@MarkBult it worked for me, I noticed that you have to redo the animations sometimes, I think it’s a bug.