Accordion interaction just stopped working - but it worked before. Any ideas? I'm a bit lost

Hey there community!

I’m experiencing a weird problem, and I wonder if there’s a Webflow pro with expert eyes who could help.

So, I’ve built an accordion before, which has a “header” and a “content” div. The initial state is that the “content” is hidden (size=0px) as initial state. You click, size is Auto. Then you click back, it goes back to 0px. It worked before for me perfectly.

But yesterday I noticed that it simply stopped working. The initial state is correct. And it opens correctly. But when you click “Close”, the “content” div, even though it’s set to 0px, just stays open.

I’m at a loss. Could anyone perhaps give me a tip/direction on what might be going on there? I’d appreciate this a lot! Thanks a ton!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - ARX Website