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Accentuated characters appears on mobile only

Hello fellow webflowers,

I just finished my very first website using this amazing tool.
Everything went well, but I’m facing a weird problem I can’t solve at the moment.

I added the font Source Sans Pro from Google Font in size 300 and 400 (regular).
With Latin and Latin-ext option

When working on the website in the designer and on desktop everything works well.
But when acceding the website from a mobile (in my case Iphone 8) all accents in texts are bolder than the rest of the text.

Does anyone has ever faced the same problem ?
How could I solve this ? !

Thanks for your help !

UP on this post.

I’ve found the bug !

When I imported all text from my clients, understand by that, when I copy then pasted all these data from a Google Doc document into Webflow. It took all accents from this document.

Which mean that when I push my website code, accent were not the one that should be used the the system, instead it was bringing default accent character.

How did I solved this problem ?
Well I just needed to search all accents in my texte in Webflow, then delete all of them. And you will see if this happen to you, you will have to double tap to erase a character.
First you will erase accent, (letter “e” will still appear) then you can delete the letter, then simply replace it by the one you want, BUT using the Webflow interface.

After doing this it then solved all accentuated characters being use on a default font but the one from Google font.

Hope it can help somebody one day !