Absolute positioning + responsiveness

Hi to all Webflow designers,
I need some help on the creation of this design.
As you can see I have designed this landing page for a client. My major problem is the grey box that the clients information should be located on.
I created a div block and changed the BG color, and made it “Absolute”. I placed it in another div block(container) and placed it in a new section.

The problem is the responsive part.
when I change the size this box does net become responsive.
Any ideas and suggestions?
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Hi @Morteza_Alaee, if I understand correctly, the issue is with the grey background not resizing with the entire element.

issue here is that the background div is not relative to the same parent as the address. Solution here is to move the background into the same parent element, remove the Z-index. then change the Shape - Logo - Hero & Div Block 3 to Position: relative.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 23.05.07

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