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About using other Width and Height units (like VH)

Hi colleagues!
I’d like to know if it’s still possible to use VH and WW units for width and height. My teachers recommend me to do so but when I practice now, it fails. I try to print ‘100 vh’, for example, and press enter. But the input field just goes red and then shows Auto again. What may be wrong? Thanks

Don’t put the space in-between. Try 100vh or 100vw and it should work perfectly.


bbrazis, thanks so much! You really helped me. Now it works without any problem.

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@Elizacherny Just a tip for you, I used to use 100vw all the time for full-width divs, but another user warned me that doing so would cause there to be a horizontal scrollbar (this happens because 100 viewwidth accounts for the width of the vertical scrollbar as well. To solve this they advised me to use 100% on elements to get the effect w/o a horizontal scrollbar. Just thought I’d let you know because this helped me out a lot. Happy Designing! :slight_smile: