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Ability to use a native Vertical-Align css style via the style panel

Thanks in advance


I asked this not that long ago. Hope this helps. CSS display:table

check this article out:

Thanks but that’s not a valid response. I’m looking for an explanation of why they can’t implement such a simple and standard property.


I would like to know this too as I have to add vertical-align: middle to a div.

tired of putting “vertical-align” in the custom code area ¬¬

Add my vote for this feature…

We’ve recently been using lots of the CSS property display:inline-block to create grid layouts for boxes with uneven amounts of content.

One of great things is the ability to set ‘vertical-align:top;’ to the blocks in the grid which makes the following line of blocks align nicely, regardless of uneven height of boxes in the grid.

However, there is currently no option in Webflow to set ‘vertical align’.

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Come on webflow - it’s been an issue for such a long time. Can’t be hard to implement such an essential and simple feature ><

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