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Ability to have Image effects (blur, saturation, ...)

It would be awesome if you add more effects for Images (like blur, saturation, …) into the native Webflow Designer :smile:


Would be super cool to play around with!

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I already did a little Website to showcase how cool it would look:

Hope you like it :blush:

Nicely done! I like it!

I experimented with blur (without using custom code) in this website:

I blurred the image in photoshop and used it as an overlay as a blur effect.

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Thought I give it a bump.

Transitions with the blur filter are still buggy, especially from values 0px to 1px. Thus, Webflow will most likely not natively support it in the meantime.

You could try this:

It’s not the most savvy way to create the effect but it will get you there.

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