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Ability to Create Auto-updating Page Templates

I am thinking of creating a case study/gallery template, that will be used on multiple pages.

I am worried about this not being an automated process if/when I choose to re-design my website and will have to re-layout all the content.

I do know there are symbols available that will auto update but more concerned about the globally changing a layout template. (ie. remove sidebar and add a slider on all my case study/portfolio pages (all 500 of them).

Hi @jawtab, at the moment, only content that is updated in a Symbol will auto update to those pages using the symbol.

There is not a feature yet, that lets you create a page template, then create multiple pages, and update pages automatically based on changes to the original page template. This is a great idea though :smile:

​I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave

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Would be a nice feature! A la Dreamweaver days…

Hi @jawtab, I have turned this into a wishlist item :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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