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Consistent Menu and Footer across multiple pages


I’m just about to design my first multi-page site using webflow and have come across the following potential problem.

After creating the homepage with standard header (logo, menu bar) and footer (copyright and social icons) then duplicating this to make the inner pages, say I wanted to change a menu item or a social icon; does it update the inner pages automatically or do you have to do them all individually? Is there a way to make certain home-page elements auto-generate consistently across the inner pages?

Thanks in advance for any advice. Great app by the way!!

Inside Webflow you have to manually edit every subpage. If you export your site you can include headers and footers from another file using jQuery or PHP.

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Thank-you for the quick reply and helpful response. Maybe this is something that can be looked at going forwards?

Hi @Golden28!

Yeah, @bartekkustra is right that you currently have to update all of the pages separately right now :-(. We are actually going to start working on a new feature that will make this type of thing WAY easier, though.

You’ll soon be able to make any element or set of elements a “Symbol” – which you can then re-use in multiple places/pages throughout your site. Any changes you then make to that Symbol will automatically be reflected everywhere else you have it, without any additional work! So it will be a huge time-saver for common elements like headers, footers, etc.

We can’t wait to get this improvement to you!


Now this sounds like a feature that will become a real time-saving godsend. Excellent work!

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