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Ability to activate interactions by url parameter

Is there a way to add a URL parameter or something to a URL so that if linking to a page with an interaction from another page you can have that interaction automatically happen?

I set up a “would you like more information?” at the bottom of the page and if they click yes, I have an interaction set up to pull up a contact form where the user can enter their info. However if they click the yes on the email, where an interaction will not work, we want it to lead to the ID on the page with the contact form already visible so they don’t have to click “yes” twice.

I am using Chrome 47

Hi @neobengoa, thanks for your post. At the moment it is not possible natively to trigger an interaction by url parameter. :-/

I might suggest to create a duplicate of the finished page, and use one special link for the email link, and remove the interaction on that page.

I have changed this item into a Wish List item, because I think it would be a nice thing to have as a feature


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Thanks Dave, I’ll use that method for now.

I’ve had to use the force specific tab open previously and was hoping to use the url parameter to trigger actions for a new project. Hoping this functionality gets added soon.