Applying interaction effects on initial page load only

I was wondering how I might create an interaction effect that loads elements of my page on the visitors initial page load and not again for the remainder of the session.

For example, a visitor arrives at the home page of the website, various elements load at different intervals. The visitor then goes to a contact page and then back to home page (within the same session). How do I stop the interaction effect when they visit the home page for the second time?

I understand this is not available in Webflow, but is there another way to accomplish this?

Here is a link to my website,

With a bit of development and using cookies, it could be possible.

With Webflow, you can have a duplicate of your home, minus the interactions, and you link all the pages and header to it. It probably have some disadvantages and it’s probably not so good for Google SEO, but it’s something you can do by yourself.

Hi @flipflop335, As you correctly pointed out, the conditional loading of interactions is not yet supported :-/ I think that @vincent suggestion to somehow use a duplicate of the home without the interactions and have your other pages link to that page, is probably the most viable option at the moment.


Thanks for the ideas @vincent and @cyberdave. I don’t think I will go that route because having a duplicated page on your website hurts your credibility with Google. :frowning:

Hi @flipflop335, thanks a lot for the update. I have turned this request into a wish list item, so that we can take a look at this and see what it will take to get this added :wink:

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