A Webflow mechanic issue: The pc and mobile designer changer

  1. On the phone portrait mode is there a way to make the size stay at a certain point. For Example: Stay on iPhone 6 and not move. Every time I leave that page and come back or a new page is all the way to the smallest setting.

  2. On the phone landscape mode why does it still always look like its portrait and the slider to change mobile device are not phones they are different size tablets. If there is a way to make the landscape to perform in landscape mode, for example, iPhone 6. Please let me know.

Here is what happens the media queries in webflow are set by device grouping. so if for example iphone6 and ipad pro had the same media query then nothing would change even though they are different sizes the above reference is is just an example to explain it to you.

what you can do how ever is create a custom media query for the class of a specific element to change the properties for that screen size.


if i have a navbar that has a link and the links class name is .mylink and below 1200px I dont want that link to be visible I can do the following

@media (max-width: 1200px) { .mylink { display: none; } }

And you can change to any break point 575, 600, 757, 1000
what ever you choose

either you did not understand my questions or I don’t understand your answer. My question have to deal with the Webflow mechanics and nothing about design, html, css, etc.

when I design on PC desktop is great, mobile phone portrait is great, Tablet seems to be great to design in. Its when you go to Mobile phone landscape in the Webflow application that is all bonkers for me, because even though it says, “Mobile - Landscape” it shows nothing to be landscape about it, even if your in landscape tablet, if it was labeled that. The preset breakpoints that are labeled are not even mobile phones, they seem to be all tablets.

@warcraftman68 Define bonkers out? What does it actually do wrong for you? and mobile landscape is different then tablet mobile landscape is for when you turn your phone and the screen spins horizontal.

This is what my Webflow looks like in Mobile Landscape. Looks like a tablet view and all the breakpoints are tablet devices and not mobile phone devices.

@warcraftman68 Could you provide a share link so that i may have a look I think I understand what your saying but need to see what it looks like in the tablet and desktop so that I can provide you a better answer.


but it has nothing to do with my design of the html. Its all about Webflows mechanics of the Mobile Landscape mode.

@warcraftman68 ok so answering you the first time I was correct… here is the issue its not the mechanics of webflow its the same even handwriting. when you change views you need to update the class for that specific query for the element. click on the mobile device up top once selected find your collection list element in the navigator and on flex properties click vertical and you should she your columns change. now when changing screen sizes it will change per device you specify.

I will look at that too, but thats not what I am talking about. thanks for trying to help.