A general question about interaction

Hi guys.
Just a general question about interactions… When clicking on a link directing to another page, is it possible to set interactions on elements on current page, before new page open? Kind of…when you click on a link, lets say in nav bar, you want the elements on the current page to fade out before new page open.
Is this possible?


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Hi. This is not interactions but page-transition. Try barba.js, Her you have working code example (You must read the docs):

In interaction you have usefull cool “Load trigger interaction” (But again this is not whole page AJAX transition):

** barbajs - you see the transition only on the publish/live-site

Thank you @Siton_Systems for helping me out with this. Really appreciate it.

I do think I found a way to work around it though. Not an optimal way to do it, but it looks like it’s working well for my needs.

Thank again!