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After nav link click interactions


I’m looking for a way to have an interaction executed after a nav link is clicked. Like the contant below faded to 0 opacity before the new page is loaded. I’m wondering if there is a way and I just don’t know of it, or if it was possible to have a similar interaction like the page load. So that the interaction(s) is/are executed before the new page load beings?


Hi, no, there isn’t a Webflow way for in between pages interactions. This behavior, I’m 100% sure, can be set site wide with Javascript (something is the line of "fade out any page before linking to another). And when it comes to JS I know close to nothing sorry (:

In Webflow, you could se an interaction saying onclick of certain a nav element, fade out the Body. And you could add delays… but I keep thinking and find no way to delay a link event. Which kind of make sense because who wants to delay a link action when everybody tries to have a fast website?

Edit, did a quick search, it’s not a very complicated JS, something with $(“body”).fadeOut(); in it.

Found this here ( , this one even fades in the next page

$(document).ready(function() {

$('body').css('display', 'none');


$('.link').click(function(event) {


newLocation = this.href;

$('body').fadeOut(1000, newpage);


function newpage() {

window.location = newLocation;


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Still no way to do this in Webflow?