A Gallery with many Collections/itens

Is it possible to have a collection (or other components) that I can generate a gallery with “various items, from other templates (CMS)”

for example:
CMS template A + CMS Template B + CMS Template C

Using the word “Gallery” suggests a layout that’s tiled, maybe with 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 page-width-sized representations of your items.

In that case, You can just use 3 collection lists, design your individual tiles however you like, and then use script to merge them together. I think Finsweet attributes has some form of merge-collection-list capability as well.

Hi @Andrey_Duarte did you try using CMS Combine - Combine multiple Collection Lists to one Collection List?

Or could you explain more about your idea?
I am not sure if I get this.

Eve Kayser