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A challenge to myself! and I need help!

I am searching for 20 days on the internet and can’t find the answer. just to be clear I am not looking for a video lightbox, I am looking to see how can I use a custom thumbnail as a video wrapper, like the attached photo. I want to see a custom thumbnail and when I click on it I want the video to play in the exact same position.

If you use Youtube or Vimeo API, you’ll be able to control the playback of a video with a click on anything else. From there it will be easy to design a video player with an element on top of it containing your preview image and your button and use Webflow IX to hide it on click while using the API to start the video playback.

It’s also probably possible with an embeded HTML5 video player and JS code.

It’s not possible with Webflow alone without some custom code, I believe.