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804 HTTPS (SSL) Web Crawl Error

We are wanting to use for SEO auditing and reporting, however, with Webflow’s SSL (Currently in Beta) we are not able to get crawling results from because of this SSL error that is showing up on the dashboard for the domain name on webflow that is using https / ssl.

“804 errors result from a site with misconfigured SSL software. If Moz’s crawlers cannot correctly interpret an SSL response for a home page, the crawl ends immediately.”

“Helpster at Moz Inc. -at this time we do not support SNI (Server Name Identification) which is a technology used to host multiple SSL certificates from a single IP address. If you are currently leveraging CloudFlare or CloudFront we will not be able to crawl your site. If you are using a standard SSL from it’s own IP we can most likely crawl that page.”

Does webflow SSL use SNI? if so, this is the reason cannot crawl or index the site?

Hey @mastermindesign great question! Yes we are using SNI in our Webflow SSL Beta hosted sites and that is the reason why cannot crawl/index your site. But Google is able to crawl and index your sites.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’m sure you guys will be working on SSL with dedicated IP addresses… Sucks we can’t use right now, I’ll have to push back on our SEO department and let them know we won’t be able to use until webflow supports adding dedicated IP addresses, or supports SNI…