405 Error on Form Submission

Hi, I’m working on a site that has a registration form that pushes the data to Pardot via POST. On submission, I’m getting a “405 Not Allowed (openresty)” error. What is strange is that the data is showing up in Pardot, so the connection is made, meaning the error is coming from the Webflow side.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any thoughts on what might be causing the error?
On prior registration sites we’ve built (Wordpress), this wasn’t an issue and the connection worked without the error.

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Thanks in advance for any help or feedback.

Hey Jeff, Did you find a solution for this issue? I’m having a similar problem. Thanks

Same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

I have noticed if I change the Pardot Form Handler success location to a specific URL I get a different error, for too many redirects

OK, I found this can be resolved by disabling “data forwarding to success location” in the Pardot Form Handler

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