3D perspective in Hover vs Interactions


I have a noob question.

I have created a flipcard interaction.

At first I used a normal hover effect. 3d perspective works but the animation is wonky when cursor is near the edge.

Then I read that using interaction will make the animation smoother. After applying interactions, the 3d perspective is flat even though I have set the child perspective.

Is there something I miss to have 3d perspective work in interactions?

Hi @Norvin,
Welcome to the forum!

This is not a noob question at all IMO!

Can you share a read-only link?

Hi @avivtech

here is the [link]https://preview.webflow.com/preview/dynasty-forklift?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=dynasty-forklift&preview=333765544dc328bc55239b554757933a&pageId=5d1f6f16fd31944b82460b5f&itemId=5d1f6f16fd31946596460bef&mode=preview
But I have removed the interactions and just use normal hover.

I suggest you to separate the trigger and the transition, whether you do it with CSS or IX (IX=interactions).

Why- Since the trigger is also the one that flips over, when the pointer is at the edge, it triggers the flip, but once the card is away from the pointer it is no longer hovered, so it goes back to normal state, then it comes back to be under the pointer and goes into hover state again and so on…