Card flip animation for dynamic items

I was able to create the card flip animation with the tutorial given, it is on the style page but when I copy it over to the dynamic list there is a strange behavior happening.

Any ideas how to fix this? I have been racking my brain and even with flexbox I can’t get the card to wrap the children to the next row. so they overlap each other.


You have some interaction issues.

This might help… it doesn’t use the Webflow CMS though.

Is there a link @Revolution I tried to go to a page on a thread previous you posted but link didn’t work. The interaction works on the style page by itself. But the second I put it into the dynamic list it behaves strangely. I used the hover but maybe I’ll redo to use the object interactions instead.

sorry about. I thought I pasted the link.
I updated my previous reply.

Thanks @Revolution i figured out what the issue was the Cards have to have a specific size to them I had a width but no height value. Because of that they would not work in flexbox. now they seem to fine. And yes will work dynamically. I have a feeling the interaction would work as a simple hover without using the interactions panel but maybe I’ll confirm that another day.

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