301 redirect not working - CMS collection

I have set up redirects for a CMS collection. It is not working.

Old collection slug: /refrigerator-repair/[cms page]
New collection slug: /refrigerator-freezer-repair/[cms page]

I set up the redirect as:
Old: /refrigerator-repair/(.*)
Redirect: /refrigerator-freezer-repair/%1

I have read the article from web flow and do not understand what I am doing wrong. Any help appreciated, thank you!

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  1. Make sure you’ve republished.
  2. Your browser caches old redirects. It may be fixed and you wouldn’t know it.

Open chrome dev tools CTRL+SHIFT+I, click the networks tab and then checkmark disable caching.


Try accessing your new redirect with dev tools open and see if it works while ignoring the cache.

If that still doesn’t do it, see if you’ve missed some important escape chars. I’m thinking the / just before your wildcard group might need to be escaped.

Hi @memetican thanks for the reply.

I was still getting a 404 error even when I disabled the cache.

I added in the escape characters and now I am getting a 500 error, “something unexpected happened”

Any idea? Thank you!

Ah, it was an error on my part. I was missing the closing ) in “(.*)”
Thanks for the help @memetican