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3 column slider

Hi folks, please let me know if this is possible with Webflow. I am trying to build a 3 column slider where the first and third columns are only 15% width (showing a preview of the respective slide), and the middle column is 70% and the slide advances the third slide to second position etc.

Like this: 1

Any ideas?

For now you dont have “build-in” template for this idea on webflow (This is “centerMode” option you find in slick, swiper, Flickity and so on)

This is what you can do:

You could add this feature-req to webflow-wishlist:

Option 2

Implement some JS libary to webflow (slick)
(google it + search in the forum - you find a lot of Q about this slider)

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Thanks for this. In your example I notice going from slide 1 to 2 skips a slide.

I will try out this method later.

You right - No way to solve this sorry (without changing the core js) :frowning: i edit my answer (The counter works fine only on 33% / 25% / 50% and so on)

Summary: No way to create absolute center (calucate on fly) - without JS (like slick or swiper).
Try to combine slick (free, well docs, endless options) or swiper.

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