2 CMS Rich Text Link Styles

Hello! I’ve styled my CMS rich text element, but now I’m wondering if there is a way to add 2 different link styles. I’ve been looking at Refokus and Fin Sweets rich text extensions, but I can’t seem to get things figured out.

Has anyone made a solution for this?
(Specifically, the CS Lewis page)
(I also have a code embed to add custom colors to the anchor and blockquote elements)

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
([Published site][2])

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Will this scenario repeat in your cms collection? If so, I would create a separate collection item for the registration button. Use your button style.
Then change the rich text link to a regular inline text link.

It works best to separate fields and control the design vs. relying on rich text for more than is needed. If needed, you can always stack RTEs. If a registration button isn’t needed in each post, the field can be left blank and it will not show in a post if conditional visibility is enabled.

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This will likely be a one-off time… My focus here is to keep things as simple for the CMS editor as possible. & sometimes the registration button will be null.

I figured this might be harder to do. I’ll see if there’s another work around

Based on your screenshot, your best bet is to make the REGISTER HERE button something different, i.e. not a standard link in your rich text content.

As port of folio suggested, if this is something youll be doing on multiple posts, make it a feature. Add a link field to your CMS, and if it exists, display a button below your rich text, which links there.

For a one-off, you could just use the HTML embed field and drop your link directly in, e.g.

<div><a href="my url" class="my class">REGISTER NOW</a></div>

However getting the class right will be tricky as you’ll have to override the styling of your default links.

Honestly it may just be easier to create your button as an image, drop that in your rich text content and link it instead.

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Thank you very much Michael! -Seeing a lot of you this week!

I ultimately decided to add a footnote on the Lewis page linking to the fellow’s podcast by way of another Rich Text Element. I believe this was a one-off and I want to keep the system as simple as possible for the client editor’s.

Thanks for your time!