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1px bug on animation move


I have a “1px bug” when I try to animate this block of 10 images.

On load : no problem
On hover on : the blue or orange masks don’t match anymore with the background image and the parent (around 1px)
On hover out : the blue and orange masks don’t return properly (1px around)

On Retina displays (with Safari, I have tested with my MacBook Pro and Ipad) this effect is minimal.

But with my MacPro and on Eizo 27 monitor, this effect is real and I can’t sell that to a client.

Hier an image :

The website is here :

user: preview
Password: okidoc

Thank you for your help

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Please ensure that there is no zoom in your browser. Press CTRL + 0 to reset the zoom to 100%.


The zoom level is ok with all browsers I have tested.

The problem disappears when the animations are deactivated. That’s why I think this is more linked with a blur or a webkit problem.

@+ Fred

What about removing the perspective on .combo-timeline?

Hi, thank you Samliew

Your solution doesn’t work. I had the perspective parameters integrated as a solution for my problem but…

@+ Fred


The problem seems to be linked with the “overflow: hidden” parameter set on the parent element.

I can’t find a solution. Any idea?


This seems to be a problem for 4k screens + Safari. I am unable to repro it on Google Chrome Windows 10, with a 4k monitor.

Hi Samliew,

Thank you for your help.

I always work in Webdesign with several devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on, Mac and PC systems, all main browsers in game).

I can reproduce the problem (1px linked with overflow: hidden parameter) with all devices I have and all browsers, 4k, HDPI and normal screens, Mac and PC. Ok! It’s not a catastrophe. But I found this not good enough for my quality management.

I have to found another way to accomplish this.

Thank you for your time.

Fred, Germany

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