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Link Block Hover/Scroll Bug

Hi guys,

I’m sure what happened, but today I found published my project really strange. With lots of strange behaviours, flicking, ghosts squares… Well.
I have already reviewed on design mode and everything seems fine.

Some screen shoots:

Those red filters were covering the full image and now it’s like this.

And sometimes when you scroll, some of these boxes start to move, “masking” some content. In this case that title.

Well, heres the published link:
And the read-only:

Thanks for any help

Hi, what’s online doesn’t reflect what’s on your read only link. And what’s online doesn’t have bugs, in any of my browsers.
What is the issue exactly? Why are the red boxes plain red in the designer?

Hey Vincent!

I’m just seem this bug on Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 (64-bit)

Take a look here


I see… I can’t reproduce that on both Chrome 52,53 and Canary up to date.

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